When benefits come to light, while science is still in the dark

Centuries ago, Greek athletes worked out naked in the sunshine. Clearly, it made them stronger. No one knew exactly why it did. Children who contracted Rickets (a childhood disease common in many parts of the world) were often treated successfully with Cod Liver Oil. No one knew exactly why it worked. Satellites that mapped Solar radiation on Earth found that increased Solar radiation was correlated with decreased Cancer rates. No one knew exactly why that would be.

The answer to all of the above mysteries is Vitamin D3. Further discoveries continue to this day. Vitamin D3 may be more of a hormone than an actual vitamin. It is now understood to play a vital role in Bone health, Vascular health, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure stability, the management of fat storage in the Liver, and Immunity; to name but a few.

It was observed that Cod Liver Oil resulted in many health benefits. These benefits were beyond the naturally occurring Vitamins A and D3. When Omega-3 fatty acids were discovered, the mystery was, for the most part, solved.

Melatonin, the “sleep hormone”, is known to be activated by darkness. Recent investigation has revealed that there are two forms of Melatonin: much of which is activated by the Sun! Melatonin is critical to healthy immune function and poised to unseat Glutathione as Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant.

For latterly thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (India) treated conditions of poor health with foods and herbs, having no knowledge of the “scientific” active ingredients.

The broad point here is that nutrients have always co-created the integrity of our biological matrix. They have always conferred all of their benefits and continue to do so. This is irrespective of whether, at a given time, the nutrient has been “discovered” or all of its attributes identified. If tomorrow we discover a new benefit conferred by one of Mother Nature’s Marvelous Molecules, we should be aware that this benefit has always been present.

Right now, we are in the middle of a molecular mystery, the significance of which is hard to understate. Dr. Tom Levy of the prestigious Riordin Institute offered this assessment: “this is a revolutionary discovery, possibly the greatest advancement in human health in the history of modern medicine.” We are talking about the mystery of Formula 216.

The mystery around Formula 216 is not WHAT is does. A growing body of research is demonstrating the this nutrient formula is raising and maintaining Vitamin C levels beyond the small amount of Vitamin C included in the formulation. Personally, I can attest to the fact that this has been my experience, my wife’s, and several Formula 216 users that I know. The initial studies can be seen here.

The mystery of Formula 216 is not WHAT, but HOW! I would love to announce in this article that the mystery has been solved. At present, I can only offer a few unproven theories.

The above reference to Melatonin may be instructive. Originally, Melatonin was thought to be created only in the Pineal gland in the brain. We now find that it is created by other biological pathways as well. While Melatonin creation was thought to be initiated only by darkness, we now understand that Sunlight plays a role as well. Could it be possible that our bodies can create Vitamin C by some as yet undiscovered pathway? If so, could Formula 216 somehow activate this pathway? There is no evidence for this theory at the time of this writing.

Another as yet unproven theory involves an animal model. Most animals, we humans are one of the few exceptions, create their own Vitamin C by way of a biological mechanism managed by a GULO gene. We humans have this gene, but it appears to be flawed in some way. Could Formula 216 possibly restore this gene’s function? Only time will tell.

Another theory worth consideration might be called “The Accumulation Through Supportive Function” theory. Science has shown that several anti-oxidant molecules have multiple areas where they co-operate in their protective function. If Formula 216 somehow “freed-up” Vitamin C from some of its biological “duties”, could it allow Vitamin C to be spared in a way to enable it to maintain higher levels? Again, this is only another theory.

The good news is that, while the search to uncover the Formula 216 mystery goes on, we can still receive the benefits. Consistent and optimal levels of Vitamin C confer quite a few health advantages. Vitamin C’s supportive effects on immunity is well-known. This applies to the common cold as well as more serious challenges. Vitamin C may assist Blood Sugar stability by inhibiting the uptake of sugar in the bloodstream. We need Vitamin C for collagen production. Collagen is well-known for supporting healthy hair, skin, and joints. It also is critical for vascular stability and bone health.

However, to be the recipient of all of the benefits of the versatile anti-oxidant, you would have to take 500 mg. 5 or 6 times throughout the day as consistent blood levels are the key. Very few of us would do that protocol for long… if at all.

This is where Formula 216 comes in. While the mechanism of action is still unproven, the initial research suggests that one capsule per day supports a rise and maintenance of Vitamin C status. Dr. Levy’s above statement no longer seems like hyperbole. Take a moment to re-read the above list of the dramatic benefits of having optimal Vitamin C levels. Since even those of us who take supplemental Vitamin C do not have a protocol that produces consistent optimal blood levels, I strongly urge you to become a regular Formula 216 user.

Hopefully we will soon solve the mystery of how exactly Formula 216 works. In the meantime, I am happy to use this one-of-a-kind supplement to support my health. Won’t you join me?

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