Home vitamin test chip

As a side bar, scientists have come up with a way to conduct on-the-spot monitoring of vitamin C & D levels from a saliva sample, using a bioelectric chip.  Soon we might be doing our own vitamin tests at home.  And what we are going to find is our vitamin C levels are abysmally low, particularly when under emotional or physical stress and when we are infected with bacteria or viruses.  Depleted vitamin C levels among subjects with a cold virus were not normalized until 6,000 milligrams of supplemental vitamin C was consumed, and that was only a transient effect.  Vitamin C levels may be considered adequate when healthy but abysmally deficient when ill.   Vitamin C-deprived white blood cells will be sluggish and fail to overcome a pathogenic challenge.  Severe vitamin C deficiency can be presumed in virtually every active COVID-19 infected person.